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UND Nickname Change: Your “Stay Classy, North Dakota” Facebook Updates for Saturday, April 10th

April 10, 2010

The ignorance and hateful comments have slowed down. I think people have either let the change sink in or have lost interest. I’m guessing it’s a mix of both. Here’s yet another day’s roundup of the best and brightest comments from around Facebook:

“First Conan, now this. :(”
It’s an incredibly vague pop-culture reference! Personally, I prefer this post to the “THE NICKNAME CHANGE IS OBAMA’S FAULT” posts, but still…come on people!

“We could always call them the Fighting Blackjack Dealers”

“I ♥ Souix!”
This girl honors tolerates really doesn’t have a clue “honors” the American Indian people enough to spell the name correctly!

I must give props to where they are due for the next poster, who accurately portrays the entire idiocy surrounding the situation:
“I think you are relying too much on a mascot name and not enough about the actual education provided by the school. If you want to show support, put some effort into finding a replacement for the mascot and put more emphasis on the educational opportunities of this school.’


“Who cares where it started, the whole ‘controversy’ was started and sustained by a bunch of whining liberal bedwetters from our backyard all the way to the NCAA.”

This post is ignorant to all of the whining conservative bedwetters that were against the logo.

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