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UND Nickname Change: Your “Stay Classy, North Dakota” Facebook Updates for Friday, April 9th.

April 10, 2010

I figure there’s enough ignorance and stupidity on the internet to continue shedding light on the “respectful” nature of UND’s nickname supporters. Also, by having a second post, I’m able to claim to those that don’t like it that they are attempting to stamp out my “history” and “proud tradition.”


Alum. that are not happy should send there money to the collage I just made out of magazine clippings. All benefits go toward the Martin Rottler Foundation.”

“Cancel all “Freebies” that are given out.”
“no more free education, a few shouldnt be to ruin it for everyone”
“if this is going to go through they need to get rid of the statue in the front….. and enough of the free college Crap”
“What happened with the deal they made with the original sioux tribal members when UND became the Sioux? Obviously that doesn’t matter thats why certain people go to UND and don’t have to pay for it…. Hopefully since this contract was broken these certain people don’t continue to get their education paid for anymore!”
“well if theres no more” fighting sioux”, then there should be no more FREE school.”
“so if I find it Offensive that native americans get to go to UND for free and have a Native American studies program and Native American education week….will they “retire” that too?”
“i think since we can’t keep the name that the indains can fuck themselves… they shouldn’t get to go to school for free anymore”

I can’t believe people are still bringing this “argument” up! AMERICAN INDIAN STUDENTS DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL FOR FREE! It’s been mentioned time and time again.

Leave the Fighting Sioux name alone let the tribe to there name to YAHOO FLICKERTAILS.
Yeah, this isn’t insensitive at all.

“no matter what they will always remain the fighting Soiux”
“We will always be the UND Fighting Souix! It will take the fraternities and sororities to help keep our legend alive. Let us never forget! Fighting Souix Forever!!!”
“soui lives forever and will always be remeber by who care!!!!!!!! whos with me ??”
“Always the Fightting Siuux !!!”

This is a unique class of Facebook nickname supporters: those that care SO MUCH, they don’t care to spell correctly. At least give people that much respect…

“Poor Sioux Indians! Not what the hell will they wine about next?”

Winner of the Day Runner-Up


“Not to sound racist but the new team name should be the North Dakota Fighting Prarie Negro’s just to piss the sioux off even more hahahah”

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  1. Tim permalink
    April 12, 2010 7:49 pm

    As an alum to this great university, I am shocked that an 80-year tradition is being thrown down the toilet in the name of political correctness. What’s next? I realize that the decision is a necessary one for the teams and the conferences they can now enter, but I am saddened that this even gets the energy it does. As Americans, native or not, we all are exhausted by this show of “we can pee farther than you” by the Native American. The Sioux should be proud of their heritage. So proud that they see true warriors like UND’s atheletes and hold their heads up HIGH that someone 80 years ago wanted to call the teams of UND the SIOUX. Someone wanted to REVERE the Sioux by paying homage to them in a way such as this. Derogatory? Really? One tribe says OK and the other disagrees? Will someone please tell me HOW the Sioux Nation is UNITED?

  2. Zack permalink
    May 3, 2010 11:37 am

    Tim, as a student of great university myself and as a Native American, I can see how you would interpret an 80 year tradition as cultural meaning to you. But it does not excuse for the many centuries of lost tradition by Native Americans only to be replaced with the 80 year old “tradition” of a mascot. I will educate you on the “political correctness” of this matter, but only a brief history. As so few of Americans know, politics has hardly been correct for Native Americans. In 1883 the U.S. passed the Indian Religious crimes code, which made it illegal for Native Americans to practice their own religion until 1976 (34 years ago). During this time, your 80 year old “tradition” got popular by using Native American religious and cultural artifacts, only to be used as a mockery. As time passed, the excuses to mock Native Americans became “politically incorrect”, by saying it was honoring and respecting Native Americans. Lets remember while Native American mascots got to mock the religious and cultural artifacts, Native Americans couldn’t even practice their own religion because it was illegal. My friend, this not only affects Native Americans, but America as a whole. You say tradition is being thrown down the toilet, but as you can see, Native American tradition was banned from Native Americans only to be ridiculed by non-natives. That is worse than the toilet.

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