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UND Nickname Change: Out Amongst the Students

April 9, 2010

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.”
– Tom Clancy
A UND fan?

Before I start with my main point, I must say that you can’t make this stuff up. Today’s pro-logo protest was scheduled right around the starting time for the Shrine Circus at the Engelstad. As the supporters of the nickname gathered, the soundtrack to their meeting was circus music. Very apt. Now, onto the main point of this blog post:

I interviewed several students today about the Fighting Sioux mascot retirement. One of the students I interviewed perfectly summed up my feelings about the university and the logo (quoted word-for word):

(when asked about Native Americans on-campus who support the name change and don’t like the situation in general):

“I can’t see it the way they do because I’m not Native American. I’m not. I’m Caucasian. Umm…so I can’t really see their perspective and how they feel about it.”

That’s the problem here folks. There’s a lot of misrepresentation and misinformation going around, and the logo supporters have no clue how Native American students on campus feel. As a matter of fact, I did interview two American Indian students observing the “protest” at the Ralph Engelstad arena from afar, and were quite angry at what was going on before them. They felt marginalized and unconnected to the community, and much of the sentiment I found amongst nickname supporters seemed to back that fact up.

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