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UND Nickname Change: Your “Stay Classy, North Dakota” Facebook Updates

April 8, 2010

I’m going to avoid commenting on the logo issue itself, as I’ve made my point several times here. If anything, the recently announced news about the retirement of the “Fighting Sioux” logo and moniker has infected the Grand Forks community with a profound sense of stupid. This has spilled over onto the lovely social networking site Facebook. There are very few things I could do to solve this problem. I don’t really want to argue in groups like an internet tough guy . Instead, I’ll let these comments from Facebook speak for themselves, with a bit of commentary in-between.

“So the Sioux Tribe is happy to not pay taxes on thier casino earnings as well as accept Government checks, but when our College honors them by using thier name, they raise Hell for 10+ years?!!! Makes no sense!”

“This like a slap inthe face for the Engelstad family. The most beautiful gift that could be given to this University to be destroyed by the errogance and stubborness”

I’m an errogant bastard.

“No more nickname no more free rides for ANY native americans!! You couldn’t have been honored more or given much more free education, what more do you people need to be happy!?!?”

YES! Someone invoked “You People!”

“I’ll show you hostile and abusive!!!!!!!!!!”

A) This is probably a threat.
B) Do you really need 12 exclamation points?

“ther isnt one true native american alive in the usa there blood line has waterd down with other races tradition doesnt make you native american”

“whaaaaaa…. we were persecuted by white people over hundred years ago, let’s get our revenge by taking away a university’s tradition. grow the hell up, you are getting free rides to further your education, be greatful and quit bitching…”

“UND will always and forever be the FIGHTING SIOUX to me and many others…..”Board of Higher Education” and the others that didnt like our nickname can all kiss my white ass!!! Its just a nickname its not like it is being used for a crapy school!!! UND makes the Fighting Sioux a great name and never lets us down!!!!”

Did this poster just ask me to kiss their white ass? :::reads again::: Why yes they did!


“Yea, the only hard work sioux tribe members do is apply for freebees. I guess the rest of the “hard work” is going to the bars 6 nights a week.”

HOLY SHIT. This person managed to prove my point in two sentences.

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  1. elucidarian permalink
    April 9, 2010 8:17 am

    I’ve got another one from ye olde facebooke:

    “All i have to say i hope the tribe doesn’t think their getting anymore free rides through college! If its such a dishonor to have a college have your name & rock in sports & go to most nationals then you don’t need to ride for free through college & can pay for it like the rest of us … Every heritage & culture has suffered some type of injustice & no one is getting a free ride in life.”

    The commentator added later in the thread:

    “I do hope you see that i said every heritage has been served some form of injustice. There are some who do feel they deserve a free ride from past suffering. Which isn’t fair, because if that’s the case then everyone should be in college for free because everyone’s blood line somewhere was treated horribly. I hope i haven’t upset you . I have Indian in me too, but not enough to matter on paper in this country.”

    I replied to this by simply asking “… who exactly do you know that has gotten a free ride, and how, and why?” I’ll post back if I get an answer.

  2. Lyle Brudvig permalink
    April 9, 2010 9:28 am

    It seems to me we may have lost a little democracy along with a socially unacceptable traditional logo in the UND debacle.

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