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Golda Meir Was Right

December 29, 2008

Well…I guess I can take this moment to wholeheartedly thank the many donors and benefactors of Birthright Israel. Having now been to my spiritual homeland, my perspective on recent events in the Middle East has changed wholeheartedly. Thanks largely to the internet, over the past few days I have been able to absorb literally thousands of news items, tidbits, and opinions in near-real time from sites like Twitter and Facebook. I’ve come across things that have made me angry, made me proud, made me sad and any other number of emotions that cannot adequately describe how conflicted I feel about the conflict in Gaza.

My participation in CISV (an international peace education nonprofit) has made full support of Israel in these actions very difficult to quantify. Yes, I believe peace is possible in the Middle East. But–I have a lot of trouble believing this to be the case when done through non-violent means, especially when I find postings like the following, as seen on several events that some Jordanian friends have said they’d attend on Facebook:

Its about time someone kicked the leaders out of their comy chairs and replaced them with one’s who care about the muslim ummah. Its time to send the 2 million muslim soldiers from the middle east to defend Gaza.

Egypt alone has has 220 F-16 fighter planes and 450,000 soldiers. It is time these armies remove the rulers,unify the muslim lands and establish the Khilafah rashideen and defend the cries of our brothers and sisters of not only Palestine butt Iraq,Afghanistan,Kashmir,Somalia and the whole muslim world.

The middle east countries have spent over 100 billion dollars on the military budget,have soldiers,have weapons.What is the point in spending all this money if it does not defend its people.

These muslims rulers are a joke,every single one of them.

and another:

An open strike started earlier today next to Al-Kalooti mosque in Al-Rabieh. The strike was started on the spo by a wonderful group of young activists during a march (that was stopped by security forces) to the embassy of the occupying enemy. The security forces tried very hard to have us removed; they had a strong presence throughout the night and tried to bargain with the protestors several times, but we have tents and fires set up and the guys are still demonstrating there protesting the shameful Wadi Araba treaty and our diplomatic relations with the enemy.

and another:

Palestine is for us and ONLY for us

What is important to note is that these are not the mouthpieces or prime minsters of governments–Arab or otherwise–but actual people that believe these hateful things. The internet has been a powerful tool, giving voice to the common people. Are we so sure that this is a good thing?

I’d love to ask these people many questions about the situation–If I decided to shoot rockets at your house for years, what would your response be? Why haven’t the leaders of your countries given the land that they stole from the “Palestinians” in 1948 back to this “suffering” people?

After spending two weeks defending Israel amongst friends and acquaintances in Europe during the Lebanon incursion in 2006, I found a sticker on a garbage can near the Royal Palace in Oslo that basically summed up my feelings about the entire situation, both then and now:
Interesting Sticker

“We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”
–Golda Meir

Golda was right.

Also–in an amazing testament to the power of Web 2.0–the Israeli Consulate in New York will be hosting a “Citizens Press Conference” over Twitter tomorrow. Check it out here!

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