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Flickr Photos Featured on Redesign

October 5, 2008

Two or three weeks ago I came across an online, massive multiplayer game with a simple task: manage your own airline. You buy the airplanes, rent the gates, choose the routes and hubs, and pretty much deal with a lot of the stuff that an airline faces on a day-to-day basis, except for customers.

AirlineMogul has become a recent addiction for myself and many of my friends here at school. I’m at the helm of two different “MartinAir” airlines in two different worlds. One is a new startup, and the other is a well-established carrier with 102 airplanes and a net worth of 5.5 billion Euros. Of course, some might argue this isn’t a realistic simulation–my airline is making money.

The administrators of the site recently announced a redesign in which they wanted to incorporate user-submitted photos. In a thank you for the hours of entertainment this game has provided me, I offered up my Flickr stream and let the admins have their pick of my aviation photos.

When the redesign went live today I was surprised and pleased to find about half of the pictures on the site were mine :-P. It’s quite a nice ego boost and the best I can do for a fledgling site with great potential.

If you are interested in aviation, AirlineMogul is something that would be of great interest to you.

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