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Pajama Day.

February 10, 2008

Today was supposed to be a productive day in the life of The Wandering Jew–working two shifts, an opening at the North Dakota Museum of Art, beginning a write-up of my ride-along with the GFPD (see next paragraph) for the Dakota Student and an online meeting for the CISV ARM Team. As it was, I got absolutely nothing done today.

Last night I did a ride-along with the midnight supervisor from the Grand Forks Police Department. It was an eye-opening experience. Just as I did with the airport ops ridealong, I’ll put together a post soon about the experience. It’ll hopefully come out with a related article in the DS.

As I drove home from the police station at 3AM last night I progressively began to feel worse and worse. Much of the night was spent actively trying not to throw up. By the time I eventually woke up at 9:30, I felt feverish and peckish. The internet here kept dying which made the ARM Team meeting next to impossible to attend via Skype. As I was trying to fix the internet my sickly feelings came to a head and I decided to crawl into bed and not come out until I felt better. I’ve been in my pajamas all day and I hate to say it, but I probably needed this decompression.

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